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Susan Hill Financial Planning

ClientSusan Hill Financial Planning
SkillsBrand Refresh, Website Design, Website Development, Photography

Project Title

Susan Hill Financial Planning, a financial advisory business based in Hertfordshire with a specialism in female focused financial planning, initially approached us to merely move their website hosting over to our servers. The website was pretty dated and very text heavy and we suggested that we could refresh both the branding and website without compromising the brand heritage that the founder, Susan had worked so hard to establish. Once seeing examples of our previous work, SHFP agreed for us to go ahead with the brand and website redesign.

We refreshed the branding and logo keeping it in-line with the original brand heritage and colours and produced a website that could be used as a data collection and marketing tool, utilising imagery and infographics to replace the existing text heaving website. The recognised purple colour used in the existing brand collateral was subtly changed to a more modern and sophisticated tone, and a new fresher colour palette created. The logomark was given a cleaner modern edge and the typography was also updated. A photoshoot was also conducted for images of the businesses employees to be used on the website and other articles that the firm publish on a regular basis.

SHFP have increased their market appeal and are seeing an increase in both web visitors and client sign ups since the brand refresh.

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